Extreme performance advantages of ultra-fine mill

Extreme performance advantages of ultra-fine mill

Extreme performance advantages of ultra-fine mill

First, the working principle of superfine mill

The general material is transported by the feeding device to the crushing chamber of the main machine, and the material and the high-speed rotating device and the particles collide with each other, collide, rub, shear and squeeze to achieve crushing. The pulverized material is separated by the grading wheel, and the coarse powder flows into the pulverizing chamber to be pulverized again, and the purified gas is discharged by the induced draft fan.

Second, the performance advantages and characteristics of ultra-fine mill

The ultra-fine mechanical pulverizer is a new type of mechanical pulverizing equipment independently developed by our company. The comprehensive performance index of the equipment has reached the world advanced level and has become the first choice for many ultra-fine powder processing.

  • 1. Low energy consumption: It combines centrifugal crushing, impact crushing and extrusion crushing in one body, which can save energy by 40~50% compared with other mechanical crushers.
  • 2, high fineness: equipped with self-dividing grading system, product fineness ≥ 2500 mesh.
  • 3. The feeding range is large: the material feeding size is ≤50mm, and the material only needs to pass the first-level rough breaking equipment.
  • 4, low wear: crushing part of the wearing parts using composite wear-resistant new materials, long service life, processing materials with Mohs hardness ≤ 5 without pollution.
  • 5, strong mechanical stability: can be produced without stopping for 24 hours.
  • 6, full function:
  • The acicular material can be pulverized to achieve a length to diameter ratio of the finished product of 15:1;

    The pulverization process has no temperature rise and is suitable for pulverization of heat sensitive materials;

    The sintering agglomeration ultra-fine material can be dispersed, and the particle recovery rate reaches 100%;

    It has a particle shaping function to effectively increase the bulk density.

    a material that can pulverize fibrous tissue;

    It can pulverize materials with high moisture content and has drying function;

    It can crush materials with strong viscosity.

  • 7. Negative pressure production, no dust pollution, and excellent environment.
  • 8, high degree of automation, strong stability, easy to operate.

Third, the application field

Ultra-fine grinding machine is widely used in non-metal mining, chemical, building materials, food, medicine, pesticides, feed, new materials, environmental protection and other industries and various dry powder materials for ultra-fine pulverization, scattering and particle shaping.